Children are different, peoples are different, mentalities are different, still there is a single Europe. The transition from individual to universal, whether it occurs at a certain level or another, marks an important turning point in terms of development. Today, it is not surprising to see many people from totally different races, cultures and ethnic backgrounds living together in one society. What is defined as “good” and “bad”? What is the relationship between men and women? Which traditions are important?Which languages are spoken? What role does the religion play? What are the reactions to other cultures?
We are different, but there is nothing threatening in that difference. We are all seeking a better life for ourselves and future generations.
Surrounded by attention, encouraged to be tolerant, the students will continuously make attempts to communicate and this is the first step to a united Europe. Our aim should be enable the students, teachers and community to become active citizens, it opens the door for integration.
We should be aware of our owncultural heritage and we need to value and respect the other cultural differences in order to raise social development, and to restore human dignity. And then we absolutely have knowledge of cultural background and history of minority groups and appreciate the conditions and circumstances in which ethnic minorities find themselves.
In recent years, Turkey has seen an increase in immigration and, consequently, also in the enrolment of international students. These students from many countries, with a variety of cultural, linguistic, ethnic, religious, and educational backgrounds are in need of education that "teaches the value of cultural diversity. Thus, it has become essential for Turkish schools to adopt a multicultural curriculum, restructured in accordance with knowledge of the right of all to education, in keeping with principles of global justice. We want to encourage students the change their attitude from passive to active when it comes to integration. We want all factors involved in education to realize the effects of violence and to fight against it. The goal is to create a new environment where the basic values should be compassion, courage and creativity.
Our School, Mehmetçik Anadolu Lisesi has the following activities and experiences in the fields concerned:

• Our Orientation Department always pays attention to any gender violence attempt together with teachers, parents and all our educative community;

• We have courses entitled “Education for Citizenship and Human Rights”, “Ethic and Civic Education”, Gender Equality” where students can reflect on subjects such as human rights, the emancipation of women, global problems, democracy. They work in groups, do researches about the topics and create intellectual outputs;

• We have many immigrant students in the school and try to involve them in all sorts of activities to make them discover different cultures and ways of thinking. Taking part in our Erasmus+ cultural and environmental projects is a great opportunity for them to cooperate with students from different countries. We also try to involve immigrant students and those with special needs in our extra-curricular activities to give them responsibility and teach them living in harmony and peace.